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“Survey Service” LLC - the independent company of surveyors and adjusters occupying one of leading places in the market of Europe, Russia and CIS countries on providing of survey services and investigation of the facts of insurance fraud.

Our experts provide traditionally high level of high-quality services that proves to be true existence at our company of the international certificate of quality management ISO 9001.

Mission of our company and experts consists in details to establish the reason, a damage rate to define a share of guilt of all participants of delivery, to assist in damage minimization, definition of an amount of damage. From our practice follows that any of participants of delivery can be the guilty, beginning from the manufacturer and the packer to the consignee.

Representative of our company based in all biggest cities of Russia including Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Smolensk, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Novorossiysk, Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk, Ircutsk, Tomsk, Omsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Barnaul, Perm, Stavropol, Sochi, Vladivostok, Siktivkar, Chelyabinsk and others.
Our partners based in many European contrives – Finland, Sweden, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tadzhikistan and others.


Faultless reputation in the Russian and international market of survey services
The branched-out network of representatives across all Russia and Europe
Highly skilled personnel
Comprehensive approach to the solution of tasks of clients
Complete survey and legal support "from door to door"
Flexible financial policy and individual approach to clients


Individual approach to each client, if necessary complete support of process of transportation and representation of interests of clients in all authorities, customs and fire inspections and in court.
The organization and the help in destruction and utilization of the damaged cargo.
Assistance in carrying out certification and obtaining of the licenses.
Development of step-by-step detailed instructions of actions at approach of damages of cargo.
We on a long-term basis cooperate with commercial and industrial chamber and are capable to organize surveys in all territory of the Russian Federation, Europe and CIS countries in the shortest terms.

Surveyor - a word a little familiar to the Russian businessman.

In Russian to some extent synonymous can consider a word "expert". Surveyor - is the one who being independent is engaged in careful and detailed inspection, research, check, an establishment of presence or absence of any fact, and also delivery of recommendations about the demand physical or legal bodies.

Better to say, surveyor's routine functions are reduced to an establishment of the fact, the size and character of damage something (or absence of those), and also to definition of quality and quantity of the goods, their conformity to contract or transportation conditions and granting of the written certificate on all it behind the signature.

On occasion it is required to establish the reason of any incident and completely to restore an event picture. It already other, higher level which has character of scientific research or design study and is called as examination.

Necessity of an estimation of process of transportation of cargo can arise at the most different stages, and frequently fault for losses assign at all to the one who is really no guilty, and on at whom decrease in standard of the goods is revealed. It becomes frequent it a carrier though the true reason can is absolutely in other place: in contract conditions, in force-majeure, in the production technology, in transportability of cargo. Participation in an estimation independent surveyor helps to establish not only a source of financial losses, but also a stage on which they have occurred.

Abroad judicial and Arbitration practice, and also the insurance companies for a long time and necessarily use independent surveyor which owing to the independence aren't interested neither in exaggeration, nor in underestimation of possible losses. Not surprisingly, what exactly foreign partners have requested from us survey services. The understanding of importance of the conclusion independent surveyor has come later when there were precedents of disposal of legal proceeding in court, especially in foreign courts where without such conclusion no arguments of the party simply have no evidence and case is lost.

To all participants of commercial transaction and transport process clearly as important operations by definition of quantity of cargoes and if piece cargoes can be counted simply for mass cargoes special technologies of calculation are required. At weighing of cargoes by cars, motor vehicles, containers on special scales a lot of time and considerable expenditures of labor is required. According to the theory of errors, absolutely exact measurement something in general is impossible, hence, in each weighing some error which collects with increase in quantity of weightings so, there is also a deceit possibility takes place.

To provide conscientiousness of these operations at loading and an unloading, the independent party - surveyor is necessary.

Other serious problem is a safety of transported cargo. Therefore installation of seals is made for prevention of unapproved access to it on cargo holds, containers, the trailers, separate cargo packages etc. However great value has not only presence of seals, but also correctness of their statement, and an expert shows, what exactly this moment frequently isn't considered at all. Therefore such operation is better for executing independent surveyor as well as to make sure of safety of seals at a final stage of delivery of cargo. For safety of quantity and quality of cargoes in the course of transportation very important exact observance of technologies of the reference with it. This requirement no means always, not everywhere and not is fulfilled by all. The reasons can be the most different: it both backwardness of technologies, and insufficient qualification of workers, and easier irresponsibility, but anyhow all leads to one result - to losses of the cargo owner, and sometimes rather essential.

Extremely important, considering the big nomenclature of cargoes, to observe technology of their packing, fastening and compatibility. Experts know that a considerable quantity of the cargo collected in limited space, and being in conditions of vibration, rolling, thus with possible temperature drops and humidity, behaves absolutely differently, than in usual conditions. Qualified surveyor, working in a mode of constant supervision all period of loading, can establish, at what stage there was cargo damage, and the most important thing - helps the cargo owner to warn possible losses.

As, as we already spoke, many at different stages some participants can have a temptation are involved in transport process to exaggerate the size of damages. For prevention of such form of swindle independent surveyor establishes the fact, character, the size and if it is necessary, the reason of damage or that isn't less important, absence of those at the moment of inspection.

It is natural that by transportation mass cargoes all involved in this process are interested in acknowledgement of performance of the obligations: the consignor and the consignee that the goods are put that quality which is specified in the contract, and a carrier that quality of the goods hasn't changed during a way. With that end in view at different stages of transportation, usually at loading, transfer and an unloading, the independent party makes sampling on the accepted or stipulated technology with the subsequent storage of these tests till one year, and also the analysis of contents for a quality and conformity establishment to contract conditions.

The sphere of action of modern surveyors is all transport process of delivery of cargo to destination, control over safety of cargo at all stages of a way, including transfer on various vehicles, and also the vehicles involved in process.

Each surveyor works independently and issued the Official report for the Client in which marks consistently the succession of events which witness it was personally, and also analyzes a current situation, putting to the Official report all necessary documents.

Surveyor, first of all, the independent witness and the competent expert. He fixes a situation, does necessary calculations and estimations and collects corresponding documents. All collected data carefully is checked by surveyor's how much it circumstances allow and it is required the Customer. After that, having on hands a maximum of the possible information, surveyor carries out the necessary analysis of a situation and brings all it in the Official report which is issued to the Customer.

We always help our Clients, therefore along with services of qualified surveyor are ready to suggest to use and services of our lawyers, or together with lawyers of the Customer to resolve a disputable situation for our Clients with the minimum losses under the current legislation.