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Our services

We can organize carrying out of inspections in Moscow, Moscow Region, St.-Petersburg, in any region of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, the countries of Baltic, Europe and Asia, if necessarily we can organize carrying out of inspections in any place and country of a finding of cargo or a subject of interest of the customer.

We offer our clients following types of service

Carrying out of inspections of all kinds of the damaged cargoes (including road, railway, avia and sea transportations).
  1. CMR carriers responsibility according to the international standards and standards of Russian Federation
  2. Investigation of responsibility of each of the parties involved in transportation, or to the reasons which have involved in damage of cargo or property;
  3. Advises about minimization of losses and to rescue of cargoes;
  4. Tally recalculation of cargoes, both in loading places, and in unloading places, warehouses, customs transitions;
  5. Quality assurance of products and the goods, check of their conformity to technological, physical, chemical properties according to standards and specifications of contracts - sampling, delivery of samples in specialized laboratories and granting of the conclusions;
  6. Carrying out of preloading inspections and check of readiness of cargo to transportation;
  7. Inspection of containers, including sealing control;
  8. Preliminary inspection of a condition of warehouses and the warehouse equipment on conformity to the requirements, the goods established for concrete group;
  9. Survey of storage conditions of the goods and property;
  10. Survey (serviceability and working capacity check) containers, railway wagons and vehicles as on a loading place, or unloadings, and in specialized service – centers;
  11. Investigation of the facts of insurance swindles, theft of cargoes;
  12. Advices about fastening of cargoes;
  13. Survey of damages of cars and different types of cargo, property;
  14. Survey and the help in destruction of different kinds of cargoes.

Including, if necessary, we are ready to render following services:

  • Granting of legal consultations on actions of senders, forwarding agents, carriers and consignees at detection of damages or thefts of cargoes,Representation of interests of any of the parties in judicial proceedings,
  • Calculation of losses, estimation of total claims,
  • The organization and conducting of subrogation works,

You can count on our help, round the clock including Saturday, Sunday and holidays.